Asian Leadership Network

We’re driving an inclusive workplace by enabling all employees to reach their full potential.

There’s a future full of possibilities

The diverse Asian community brings highly valued skills and various perspectives to our workplace. Join us and make a remarkable impact.

What we stand for

With 48 countries and nearly 2,300 languages, Asia is defined by diversity. Variability in geography and the remoteness of some places has resulted in the evolution of a wide spectrum of customs, religious beliefs and cultures. As of 2016, Asia’s population was 4.5 billion, giving it a remarkable global presence. The Asian Leadership Network (ALN) fosters a diverse and inclusive environment where every voice is heard and valued. We also promote a sense of belonging and community.

We do that by enabling all employees to reach their potential through:

  • Cultural diversity
  • Professional development
  • Business and patient impact

Our Asian Leadership Network group has brought me a community to network, a safe place to explore and a platform to succeed.

linn min headshot
Linn Min
Data Protection Consultant

Working at AbbVie

Perspective matters. Our patient population is diverse, and their needs are complex. We solve these challenges together, because complex problems require innovative solutions built on the diverse perspectives of an entire team.

We are committed to having our members achieve their full potential. Our efforts include:

  • Cultural inclusion and peer mentoring programs to create opportunities for our members to excel in leadership skills, expand their network and inspire cross-functional collaborations 
  • “Lunch and Learn” programs to enable our members to better understand our products and pipeline

The best ecosystems are the ones that are diverse. At AbbVie, it is the diversity of thought that brings out the best for our patients.

Pankaj Dubey
Vice President, Patient Services, Market Access, and Data

Making an impact

ALN is proud to support organizations through the AbbVie Foundation ERG community grant program.

Developing life-changing medicines require people with a vast variety of perspectives and skills.

shuhong zhang headshot
Shuhong Zhang
Vice President, Development Sciences